How Do You Hide Scratches on Hardwood Floors?


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Hide scratches on hardwood floors by using mineral spirits, steel wool, wood filler, touch-up markers and sandpaper, depending on the width and the depth of the scratch. Some hardware stores sell complete kits for fixing hardwood scratches. Clean the area as you work to remove wood dust particles.

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  1. Rub out the scratch

    Using the steel wool, rub out the scratch in the direction of the grain.

  2. Apply mineral spirits

    With the steel wool, rub mineral spirits on the scratch area to cover any discolorations.

  3. Color in the scratch

    Conceal any remaining scratch discoloration with a touch-up marker or a wax stick matched to the color of the surrounding floor.

  4. Sand down the scratch

    To hide deeper scratches, use sandpaper to sand down any rough edges to create a smooth dip into the scratch.

  5. Fill in the scratch

    Use a wood filler to fill in the smoothed out scratch. After the filler dries, sand it down with sandpaper to level it with the surrounding floor.

  6. Refinish the hidden scratch

    After a scratch is filled and level with the surrounding area, use a finish to seal up the crack and match it with the rest of the floor. Clean up any dust so that the finish goes on smoothly.

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