How Do You Hide a Bed Mattress?


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The best way to hide a bed is to find a spot that is easy to reach while still being well hidden. The best places are inside small spaces where the bed just fits and is out of sight. Places like cabinets, closets or inside stair cases work the best.

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  1. Measure the mattress

    It will be nearly impossible to hide the mattress without knowing its measurements. The first step should be to find the length of the mattress so you know exactly where it fits. You should measure the height of the mattress and the height of the area that you will move the mattress into. These measurements ensure that if someone sleeps in the spot where the mattress is hidden, he will have enough room to stand up.

  2. Find a location in your house

    Look around your house for areas that are about the same size as your mattress. You may have to empty a closet or do some construction under a staircase or in a cabinet to create a space with enough room.

  3. Move the mattress

    The final step is to simply move the mattress into the desired space. Most mattresses are heavy, so it may require two people to lift it and get it into the space.

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