Do Hibiscus Shrubs Require Special Pruning Equipment?


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The only tool needed for pruning a hibiscus is a sharp pair of pruning shears. Also called pruners, these tools should be clean and sharp. Dull or dirty pruners can spread disease throughout the garden, so individuals should sharpen and clean the blades with alcohol or bleach before pruning.

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It is important that gardeners take some time to plan before beginning the pruning process. An individual should remember that new growth begins below the cuts, so cutting directly from the top is not a good strategy. Instead, most branches should have about one-third of the length cut away. This helps the new growth to come in looking even and strong.

It is best for individuals to start pruning by choosing a branch that is out of proportion with the rest of the bush. A spot about one-third of the way down the branch should be located by the gardener, and the closest leaf node to this spot should be focused on. The cut should be made just above this leaf node. Gardeners should not worry about cutting too much in most cases, as hibiscus typically enjoy getting trimmed and often look better following pruning. Smaller cuts can be made, after larger branches are removed, in order to ensure the hibiscus looks even.

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