What Are Some Helpful Household Hints?


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One basic household hint is to have a specific place to keep household items, such as cleaning supplies. This makes the items easy to find when you need them. Another tip is to write regularly scheduled chores on a chart. Place the chart on a main wall in the house to serve as a reminder of exactly when those chores need to be done.

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One of the most important aspects of keeping a house clean and organized is proper planning. When tasks are well-planned and scheduled, the upkeep is more easily managed. About Housekeeping recommends breaking regular chores into daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks. The way the schedule is set up isn't as important as making sure that it is workable for the family's personal routine. For example, some people spread weekly chores into small tasks done each day, while others prefer to set aside one day or evening for getting the whole set of chores done.

Some tasks that need to be done regularly, but not as frequently as daily or weekly tasks, can be set aside as projects to take on during a day off work, a vacation coming up or just a day when there is nothing else scheduled to do after work. Good Housekeeping offers a list of articles that explain how to keep a house clean in 10 minutes a day.

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