What Are Some Heli-Coil Installation Tools?


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Heli-Coil installation tools include a drill, tap and a special installation tool that engages the tang of the Heli-Coil insert when driving it into the housing. The first step in the installation process is to use a drill to remove the damaged threads. Use a tap to create threads of sufficient depth to accommodate the insert. Finally, use the installation tool to seat the Heli-Coil before replacing the bolt or screw.

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A Heli-Coil is a coiled wire insert used to create the internal screw threads needed to accommodate standard-sized fasteners. These inserts are available in a range of different sizes and diameters. Heli-Coil inserts are typically sold as part of a kit that includes multiple inserts, an appropriately sized tap and the special hand-tool needed to install the coils into the drilled and prepared holes.

Use a power drill and an appropriately sized bit to drill out the existing hole. Ensure that the hole will be both deeper than the bolt and long enough for the tap to create threads long enough to reach the depth of the coil insert. Use a shop vac or compressed air to remove metal filings from the hole before using the tap to cut new threads. Seat the coil insert, and use the special hand tool included with the kit to complete the installation.

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