What Are Some Heavy Storage Racks?

What Are Some Heavy Storage Racks?

Global Equipment Company and Uline offer heavy-duty bulk storage, boltless and industrial steel storage racks, as well as other high-capacity units. USA Safety Solutions offers heavy-duty storage racks for gas cylinders, and Strong Racks offers heavy-duty garage storage solutions.

Global Equipment Company's extra-high-capacity bulk storage racks support up to 3,800 pounds per level, and they are available with wooden, wire or steel decking. The company also offers heavy-duty welded storage racks and boltless shelving with steel or wire decking. Global Equipment Company sells Lyons brand-name pre-engineered bulk storage racks, and it also offers bulk storage rack components and accessories.

Uline provides boltless steel shelving that supports up to 4,000 pounds per shelf. The company also offers open and closed industrial steel shelving, high-capacity reel racks, vertical bar racks and tire racks. Uline's bar and pipe cradle trucks support up to 10,000 pounds.

USA Safety Solutions' gas cylinder racks feature fully welded construction and powder paint finish. The racks are suitable for commercial and industrial use, and several models feature welded steel chains, snaps for each cylinder and pre-drilled floor mounting holes.

Strong Racks offers ceiling storage systems, overhead wall storage, industrial shelving, storage platforms and overhead lift systems. The company's 4-by4-foot motorized ceiling storage system features a steel platform with a safety lip, four 1,700-pound aircraft-grade coated cables and an adjustable shut-off system.