Why Do Heating Pipes Make Noise?

Heating pipes can make noise for a number of reasons but the most common is high water pressure. This is often referred to as ?water hammer? and happens when water pressure in the pipes is above 80 psi and moves rapidly through the pipes banging against the sides.

High pressure can be solved by hiring a licensed plumber to install two types of controls. The first is a water hammer arrestor which helps to absorb the shock of pipe vibrations and thus minimize sound. The second is a pressure reducer valve which will bring the water pressure in the pipes down between 40 and 70 psi.

Air in Pipes

Air pockets inside of pipes is the second most common cause of pipe noise. Forced hot water systems are liable to have air pockets become trapped within the pipes. When water is forced through the pipes the air will move back and forth rapidly and cause pipe vibration and sometimes incredibly loud pipe noises. Unfortunately the system has to purged entirely to rid the pipes of air pockets. It?s best to hire a licensed plumber for this project as incorrect reconnecting of pipes can cause micro leaks which have the potential to damage surrounding structures and encourage more air pockets in the future.