What Are Some Facts About Heating Oil?


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Heating oil is an environmentally safe source of energy, especially when used in new heating systems, as it produces almost no particulate emissions. Emissions from all the oil-fueled home heating systems add up to be about 0.003 percent of all the emissions in the United States. Using heating oil is the fastest way to heat up a home, as it has the hottest flame out of all heating materials.

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Some of the best oil heating systems are extremely efficient, with up to 95 percent of the energy produced by the oil going to heat the house. As of 2016, heating oil is cheaper than it was 20 years ago. Heating oil is safe to use at home, as it is not flammable by matches, it doesn't cause explosions, and it can't mix with air. About 18 million homeowners in the United States use heating oil as a primary energy source for their homes in the winter. The Northeast is the region that uses heating oil the most.

Modern oil-fueled home heating systems use about 25 percent less heating oil to produce the same amount of heat than the systems that were in use in 1989. One gallon of heating oil produces more heat than the same amount of natural gas. Large amounts of heating oil raw materials are still available, which ensures no shortage of heating oil is anticipated.

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