What Is Heathcote Bone China?

Heathcote Bone China is the pottery, china and tea sets made by the company Henry M Williamson & Sons in England. The company began operation in 1879.

Henry M Williamson & Sons was a china manufacturing company in Staffordshire, England. The road that ran alongside the factory was called Heathcote, and the company decided to name its line of fine china after it. The china offered under the Heathcote brand name included tea sets and place settings in a variety of styles and patterns. Popular patterns include Carrousel, which has black and purple scrolls and aqua-colored leaves, and Granville, which has flowers and medallions and old English scenery featuring blue landscapes of the English countryside.

China made by Henry M Williamson & Sons is identified through a number of markings. In 1903 the china was inscribed with a "W" and the word "sons." By 1907 more initials were added to the marking, as was "Longton, England." A mark that reads "BEST BONE HEATHCOTE CHINA WILLIAMSONS MADE IN ENGLAND" was inscribed on the china in 1909.

China made by Henry M Williamson & Sons sometimes goes by the name "Novem Artum China." Novem Artum China was often made in the Art Deco Style.