How Do Heatcraft Heating Coils Work?


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Heatcraft heating coils operate by using either heated water or steam to transfer heat from a central boiler to heat air that passes through the coils. Hot water coils are preferred for preheating and comfort heating applications, while steam coils are preferred in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.

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Heatcraft heating coils form the primary heat exchanger for air heating systems, and consist of a series of water or steam tubes that pass through heat exchanger fins. Cold air flows over the fins and receives heat from the hot water or steam flowing from the fins. The cooled water or condensed steam is then returned to the central boiler system for reheating. Heatcraft typically uses copper or steel materials for the fluid tubes and either copper, aluminium or steel for the heat exchange fins in its heating coils.

Heatcraft steam coils are considered a non-freeze design, since they use a perforated inner steam tube distribution method, where the inner heat exchanger tubes in the coil are perforated and the outer coil is designed to force condensate from the inner tubes back into circulation. Forcing condensates back into circulation makes them much more resistant to freezing at cold temperatures than other steam coil designs.

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