Why Are Heat Pump Dimensions Important?


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Heat pump dimensions are important because a unit that is too large can turn on and off too frequently or reach a desired setting before most of the air has had a chance to come into contact with the cold coils. When this happens, the air is not properly dehumidified.

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Heat pumps that are too small for a specific area may not keep the temperature comfortable. A heat pump that is the right size ensures there is enough hot or cold air circulating through a room. The right-sized heat pump also helps ensure the owner does not pay for unnecessary maintenance.

An individual is better off letting an experienced HVAC contractor decide what size heat pump he should have. Manual J calculations are the standard used to measure heating loads. This specific measurement considers the home's insulation, amount of shade and size.

When deciding whether to purchase a heat pump, an individual should consider the seasonal weather in the region. If the temperature hardly ever goes lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat pump may be more efficient than a standard furnace. In some cases, heat pumps can actually be more expensive than standard HVAC systems. High-quality heat pump manufacturers include Amana, Sanyo, Sears and Panasonic.

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