How Do You Heat a Pool Without a Heater?


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Use the power of the sun to heat a swimming pool during chilly months with solar rings, squares or blankets. Solar blanket systems are a one-time investment that extend swimming season and discourage water evaporation. Solar rings and squares are smaller, more portable options that convert sunlight to heat and transfer that energy to water.

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A solar blanket system, complete with a reel assembly, can raise pool water temperatures by 10 to 15 percent. Solar blankets cover the entire pool and reduce water evaporation, leading to reduced chemical costs and reduced cleaning time and labor. Solar blanket systems are easy to install and remove during warm weather months.

Solar rings and squares float independently on a pool's surface and transfer heat from the sun into the water. These smaller units discourage water evaporation and form a free-floating cover that catches some debris, although they are not as effective as a complete blanket system. Solar rings and squares can be magnetized together to form a more uniform shape or left to float on their own.

Solar rings and squares are smaller units that work in combination with one another to heat water in the spot where they float, whereas a full solar blanket heats water evenly and reduces evaporation more effectively.

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