How Do You Go About Having a Wall Installed?

How Do You Go About Having a Wall Installed?

Having a new wall installed is a moderately difficult project that requires measuring, cutting and installing a wall frame and studs along with adding blocking and hanging drywall. The framing takes approximately four to six hours, while finishing with drywall takes about eight hours. Both tasks are easier accomplished with two people, because lifting assembled framing and sheets of drywall is challenging for just one person.

In order to install a new wall, follow the steps below.

  1. Gather materials and tools needed
  2. A level, sledgehammer, framing square, tape measure, chalk line, framing hammer, plumb bob, circular saw and speed square are needed for the initial framing. Common 10D and 16D nails as well as two-by-fours are required for the actual frame.

  3. Lay out, mark and measure the partition, plates and studs
  4. Mark the ceiling three inches from one wall where the new wall will abut the existing wall; using the plumbing bob, mark the floor and repeat on the wall's other end. Using a chalk line, snap across the floor and ceiling, and measure the chalk lines to determine the length of the sole and top plates. Cut the plates and two jack studs about 1.5 inches shorter than the rough opening height, and cut the two header pieces three inches longer than the opening's width. Lay the plates face to face, marking stud placement every 16 inches, and then, using the portable saw, cut the studs to size.

  5. Assemble the framing
  6. Lay all of the framing pieces end-up on the floor, assemble them and nail them together. Tilt up the partition and align it with the chalk line on the floor. Check that the framing is level and plumb before securing the partition and hanging drywall.