How Do You Haul a Refrigerator in a Pickup Truck?

To transport a refrigerator in a pickup truck, turn off the refrigerator, prepare the refrigerator for transportation, load the fridge on an appliance dolly, and load it in the truck. Rest the appliance against the front cab, and secure it in place.

  1. Turn off the refrigerator

    Turn off and disconnect the fridge a few hours before transportation. This allows time for the evaporator to defrost.

  2. Prepare the refrigerator for transportation

    Remove all food from the refrigerator and clean it thoroughly. Remove the glass shelves and wrap them in newspapers before placing them back inside the appliance. Wrap the refrigerator in furniture blankets for extra protection.

  3. Load the refrigerator on an appliance dolly

    With help from a friend, move the refrigerator, and carefully load it onto an appliance dolly. Secure the appliance in place using straps.

  4. Load the refrigerator in the truck

    Reverse the pickup truck with the back wheels at the gutter to lower the tailgate. Open the tailgate, and drape a heavy blanket or towel over it to avoid damage. Place the dolly against the tailgate, and lift the bars from inside the truck, with a second person pushing it up from the ground. Rest the refrigerator against the front cab, and secure it in place using straps.