How Do You Harvest Sweet Potato Plants?

How Do You Harvest Sweet Potato Plants?

Harvest sweet potatoes by waiting until they reach the desired size, digging up the tubers with a spade fork, curing them, wrapping them up and storing them for later use. You need a spade fork, newspaper and a box.

  1. Wait for the desired growth

    Wait for the sweet potatoes to reach the desired size, which usually occurs three or four months after planting.

  2. Dig up the potatoes

    Use a spade fork to dig into the soil up to 6 inches where the potatoes are. Be careful not to nick the potatoes during this process, as they bruise easily.

  3. Remove the dirt

    Brush off any excess dirt from the potatoes. Avoid washing them unless you are eating them immediately.

  4. Place the potatoes in a warm, humid location

    Place the potatoes in a location with humidity at 90 percent and the temperature at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the potatoes are laid out separately and are not touching.

  5. Cure the potatoes

    Allow the potatoes to sit in the humid location for up to two weeks. This process allows the potatoes to grow a skin over any cuts.

  6. Store the potatoes

    Wrap the potatoes in newspaper, and place them in a box or basket. Store them in a cool location.