How Do You Harvest Parsley?

How Do You Harvest Parsley?

Harvest parsley by removing the outer stems first, followed by the inner stem after it has more time to mature. Prune the plant to the ground to give it a chance to grow back for a second harvest.

  1. Check the plant for maturity

    Inspect the parsley plant. Parsley is ready for harvesting when the stem splits into three stalks.

  2. Harvest the outer stalks

    Harvest the outer stalks first. These stalks are the most mature and are ready for harvest. Cut these stalks back to their bases upon removal to allow new shoots to grow.

  3. Harvest the inner stalk

    The inner stalk is younger than the outer stalks and needs more time to mature. Once the inner stalk matures, cut it back to the base of the plant.

  4. Continue to harvest the parsley

    Cutting the stalks back to the base of the plant gives the plant an opportunity to send out new growth. Once the new growth has matured, harvest the parsley again using the same process. Continue to harvest the parsley until the plant produces a tall, woody flower stalk. When the flower stalk appears the plant has gone to seed, and the time to harvest the parsley is over.