How Do You Know When to Harvest?


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Various vegetables display different characteristics when they are ready to be harvested. Tomatoes are ready to be harvested when they turn red on the vine and feel a tiny bit soft when squeezed gently. Green peppers can be harvested as soon as they reach the desired size, and broccoli is ready to harvest when the heads reach adequate size but the tiny buds are still closed and green.

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If you are growing heirloom or cherry tomatoes, you should pick them just before they fully turn their ripe color because leaving them on the plant longer could cause them to crack. Pick your tomato by firmly grasping the fruit and twisting it off of the vine.

Bell peppers can be harvested at any time, but they become sweeter the longer they remain on the plant. Many varieties start off green and slowly turn red or yellow as they mature. They can be picked either in the green stage or later when red or yellow.

Broccoli requires careful attention in order to harvest it at just the right time. Bonnie Plants recommends checking your broccoli plants every day once the flower head forms in the center of the plant and picking the broccoli just as the buds start to swell. If you allow the buds to swell and turn yellow, you can count on having bitter, mealy broccoli.

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