What Hardware Do You Need to Install a Canopy?


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Installing a canopy requires a socket wrench, post digger, drill, nail gun and bolts. Other necessary materials include quick-setting concrete, a level, a ladder, two pergola beams and two regular beams. Rafter boards and a tarp for the canopy are also necessary.

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To install a canopy outdoors, drill some holes in the header board and the wall to which you're attaching board. If necessary, take some siding off the wall to provide access to the stud board. After that, use a bolt and an adjustable wrench to install the header beam in place. Once the header beam is in place, make holes for the posts with a post digger, and then set the beams in place and fill the hole with a mixture of concrete and water.

It is crucial to make sure that the beams are level before the concrete sets completely. Once the concrete is hard, place a beam across the two posts. After that, install rafter boards between the headers of the frame. The boards should be about 6 to 12 inches apart. Once all the rafter boards are in place, place the tarp onto the canopy frame, and secure it in place using a nail gun.

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