How Hard Is It to Repair a Faucet With a Danco Repair Kit?


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Repairing a broken or leaky faucet using a Danco repair kit is a fairly simple home improvement task. Most Danco faucet repair kits include replacement cartridges, gaskets, washers and springs that make fixing a faucet easy. Depending on the faucet model, using a Danco repair usually only requires a screwdriver, pliers and an adjustable wrench.

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Danco faucet repair kits include items that replace frequently worn or broken parts in faucets, such as springs, cartridges and gaskets. Danco also manufactures repair kits for faucets that use a spring and cam system instead of the more common cartridges.

Use a Danco repair kit to repair a common cartridge faucet by turning off the water supply and unscrewing the handle from the leaky tap. With the handle removed, use an adjustable wrench or pair of pliers to remove the old cartridge from the faucet. Using the pliers, remove the spring and seat from inside the cartridge slot, and insert the new spring and seat included with the Danco repair kit.

After replacing the spring and seat, drop the new Danco cartridge into the slot, and gently squeeze it into place. Using the pliers or adjustable wrench, screw the nut back into place, but do not over-tighten, as this can damage the cartridge and gasket. With the cartridge back in place, screw the handle back onto the tap, turn the water back on, and verify that no leaks exist.

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