What Happens When a Specific Roof Shingle Is on Recall?


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In the event of a shingle recall, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission works with the manufacturer to decide whether the product should be repaired, replaced or refunded. Consumers can find information about recalls on the CPSC web site.

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What Happens When a Specific Roof Shingle Is on Recall?
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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is responsible for enforcing mandatory product standards for shingles and other consumer goods. If a consumer complains to the CPSC about unsafe shingles, the agency reviews and investigates the complaint. They test the shingles in question to determine whether the product meets reasonable safety standards. If the CPSC agrees that the shingles are faulty, they notify the manufacturer of the recall.

In some cases, the manufacturer voluntarily recalls the product. If the manufacturer refuses the recall, the CPSC sues the company. However, recall lawsuits are rare; most manufacturers take action as quickly as possible to protect consumers during a recall. If many consumers have been negatively affected by a hazardous product, they can participate in a class action lawsuit. In these cases, large groups of consumers sue a company for restitution.

Consumers have filed class action lawsuits against manufacturers of faulty shingles. In the Building Materials Corp. of America Asphalt Roofing Shingle Products Liability Litigation, consumers of GAF Timberline Ultra shingles complained that the shingles prematurely cracked and tore. They argued that GAF purposely hid this fact from its customers. The manufacturer disputed the claim, and the case was settled in April 2015 in favor of the consumers.

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