What Happens If You Ignore Heat Pump Problems?

As a result of ignoring heat pump problems, the heat pump may not work as efficiently, the overall life of the pump can be reduced and the owner's energy bills can increase over time. It's best to call an experienced and qualified technician as soon as problems are noticed.

Heat pumps should be serviced at least twice a year. While being serviced, the pump and its parts are usually inspected, tuned, lubricated and adjusted. The air filters are also changed if necessary. To make sure the pump is working properly, the technician conducts a performance test and checks to ensure there is no refrigerant leaking. An individual can decrease the chances of needing minor and major repairs later on by having the heat pump properly serviced.

Besides having the heat pump's air filter changed during regular maintenance, it should also be changed every three months or more if there are smokers or pets in the home. Having a dirty or clogged filter can lead to ice accumulation, compromised energy efficiency and cold air blowing.

Even if a heat pump is fully operational while experiencing strange sounds, compromised performance or high energy bills, it should still be examined by a professional technician. Existing problems usually worsen and become more expensive the longer they are left unattended.