What Happens If Grout Sealer Gets on Porcelain Tiles?

If grout sealer gets on porcelain tiles, a haze can develop, causing the porcelain to take on a dull appearance and the tiles to become sticky. However, grout sealer can be wiped off immediately with a soft cloth or cleaned with a sealer remover.

To remove grout sealer from porcelain tiles, a homeowner needs to purchase sealer remover. First, he should shake up the remover after reading the label instructions. Next, he can apply the remover to the tiles. If he's just cleaning the porcelain tiles, he needs to avoid getting the remover in the grout lines, as this leaves the grout unprotected and prone to staining and water damage.

The homeowner should allow the remover to sit for up to an hour. Once the sealer begins to soften, he can scrub it away with a brush. Stubborn sealer stains require a floor buffer, although abrasive products should never be used to avoid damaging the tiles. Finally, the sealer can be mopped up and rinsed with clean water. After drying the area, the homeowner should check the tiles to see if there are any remaining sealer stains. If so, the previous steps need to be repeated until the sealer is completely removed.