How Do You Hang Window Scarves?


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Hang window scarves by using either a curtain rod or string or by attaching the fabric directly to the wall with brackets or another adhesive material. Choose a lightweight material for the scarf that can be easily manipulated and folded in different ways. Keep in mind that window scarves are meant to be decorative, not functional.

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After purchasing the fabric for the scarf, cut it to fit the size and shape of the window. Seam the cut edges to avoid fraying and unravelling threads. Attach two brackets on each side of the top of the window. From here, one method of hanging involves laying a rod across the brackets and looping the fabric around it, allowing it to drape as much as desired.

For a different look, instead of a rod, tie yarn between both brackets, and fold the fabric over it, allowing it to drape in a half circle shape. Additionally, decorators can use two pieces of fabric on each bracket, framing the window. To create texture, fold the fabric in an accordion pattern lengthwise, and pin folds together at the top with safety pins.

Another option involves placing one bracket in the center of the window and hanging the middle of the fabric on the bracket. Allow it to drape down the window in a triangular shape.

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