How Do You Hang Wicker Baskets?

hang-wicker-baskets Credit: G.G. Bruno/Moment/Getty Images

Hanging wicker baskets from the wall is a simple process. All that is required is a basket, wire, picture hooks and tools. Once baskets are secured to the walls, they are easily accessible for storage and organization.

  1. Gather tools and supplies

    Find desired wicker baskets at craft stores or flea markets. For each wicker basket to be attached to the wall, vinyl coated wire and picture hooks are required. The tools for this job include a hammer and wire cutters.

  2. Cut and attach wire

    Cut 2 pieces of wire 14 inches long for each basket, but keep in mind that larger or heavier baskets may need more wires. Push the wire through the back of the basket near the edges, one piece on each side. Hold the ends together evenly, then twist together and bend the wire into hanging loops.

  3. Insert picture hooks into wall

    Using the wire loops on the basket as a guide, mark the spot on the wall where the picture hooks need to be attached. Hammer the hooks into the wall. Check to be sure the hooks are level and are spaced appropriately for the loops on the basket.

  4. Mount the basket on the wall

    Guide the loops of wire onto the pictures hooks so that the basket is hanging on the wall. Adjust the basket until it is level and in the proper location.