How Do You Hang Sliding Closet Doors?


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To hang sliding closet doors, measure the first door´s height on all sides, cut the sliding track with a hacksaw, set up door pulls, fix rollers on top of the door and then set up the second door by following the same process. Paint the doors before hanging them.

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Measure the height of the door on the left and right sides, as well as at top and bottom, to give room for small differences in height and width. Leave some space at the bottom and top of the door to accommodate the carpet and track, and ensure that the track is smaller than the width of the door. Drill holes on the track, and use screws to fasten it on the doorjamb.

Use carpenter's glue to stick metal disks, which are the door pulls, onto the door. Before attaching the rollers, ensure that the rollers are in a straight line with the track. Fit the rollers onto the track according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To adjust the door, unscrew the rollers from the door, and then refasten the screws to hold the door firm.

Ensure that the doors are functioning well by opening and closing them. Using a screw driver, indicate locations where the floor guide will sit, drill holes into the floor and screw the guide onto the floor.

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