How Do You Hang Shelves in a Cubicle?


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Hang cubicle shelves by using special adapters the manufacturer designs to fit over the top of the wall to support the shelf. The other option for adding a shelf is choosing a unit that sits on top of the desk. If there is a wall with open floor space, place a traditional freestanding bookshelf in the area and use a hanger to attach it to the cubical wall to prevent tipping it over.

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Cubicle manufacturers offer specially designed shelves that attach to the wall and provide an angle brace at each end to support the shelf. When using these shelves, observe the weight limits the manufacturer places on them. If attaching box shelves with heavy duty hangers, remember to include the weight of the shelf and any materials stored on it when purchasing the hangers.

Some manufacturers offer shelves that sit on the desktop. Some of these units only require space for the two feet on the desk and have the bottom shelf high enough to minimize any interference with normal use of the desk top.

Freestanding bookshelves have the ability to support the most weight for the cubicle dweller. However, they require floor space, which is sometimes a premium in small cubicles. Measure the available space before purchasing the shelves to ensure there is still room for other functions in the limited space.

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