How Do You Hang Shelves on a Cement Wall?


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Hanging shelves on cement walls involves measuring and drilling, screwing the brackets into place, and attaching the shelves. It is a job that requires a medium level of competency, and it requires tools including a hammer drill, screwdriver and sometimes a saw.

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  1. Measure
  2. The first step is to measure where the shelf is going to be placed. Trace it out with a pencil and then position the brackets into place. A good guide is to space the brackets about 24 inches apart, although if the shelf is going to hold very heavy items they might need to be closer. Mark the holes in the brackets on the wall with the pencil.

  3. Drill
  4. Before drilling, survey the wall for electrical sockets to ensure these are not drilled through. Then, drill into the concrete at the points marked out with the pencil using a hammer drill fitted with an appropriately-sized masonry drill bit. The size will depend on the size of the holes in the bracket, and the size of the expansion screws.

  5. Place the brackets
  6. Fix the brackets in place using the expansion screws, tightening them with a screwdriver.

  7. Attach the shelf
  8. Finally, fit the shelf. If the wood needs to be cut, do this first. Then place the shelf on top of the brackets and secure it into place using mounting screws.

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