How Do You Hang Sheetrock?

To hang Sheetrock, measure, cut and install the drywall for the ceiling, then do the same for the walls. To finish the Sheetrock, apply tape and plaster along the seams.

  1. Measure and cut the Sheetrock for the ceilings

    If an entire panel of drywall does not cover the ceiling, measure from the corner of the wall to the center of the joist or strapping piece closest to the edge of the drywall. Mark the measurement on the Sheetrock, and score a line using a T-square and utility knife. Stand the panel on its edge, and snap the board along the score line. Continue measuring and cutting the drywall.

  2. Install the Sheetrock on the ceiling

    Along the top of the wall, mark the location of each joist and strapping piece. With a helper, lift the first panel to the ceiling, and position it in a corner. Secure the Sheetrock panel to a joist with five evenly spaced screws down the center. Continue placing five screws along each joist. Before installing drywall over light fixtures, measure and cut the hole. If you need to install multiple rows, offset the seams by 4 feet.

  3. Install the Sheetrock on the walls

    Mark the location of the wall studs on the ceiling. Measure and cut the drywall for the walls in the same manner as the ceiling. Starting at the top of the wall, hold a panel of Sheetrock in a corner, and secure it with five screws down the center stud. Working out from the center, place five screws along each stud. Add Sheetrock until the wall is covered.