How Do You Hang a Plug-in Swag Lamp Without Having to Drill?


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You can use a telescoping boom stand to suspend a swag lamp in a room by affixing the chain closest to the fixture to the end of the extended, horizontal arm of the stand. Any free-standing apparatus used to hang a lighting fixture must be able to support the weight of the suspended lamp.

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A renter's housing agreement may prohibit physical modification to a rental, including making holes in the walls or ceiling. Thus, it can be challenging to install home decor such as swag lamps, which usually require drilling a hole in the ceiling for a hook to hang the lamp upon. Depending on the type of free-standing apparatus used, you might have to modify the lamp or certain parts of the apparatus itself to safely hang the fixture.

If the lamp hangs above a thoroughfare, you should hang it in such a way as to allow for people to walk underneath with adequate headroom. If suspended over a table, the bottom of the lamp should hang about 30 inches over it.

After installing the lamp, secure the remaining chain link or cording to the apparatus to avoid creating a tripping hazard. Next, plug the electrical cord that usually accompanies swag light fixtures into a standard electric outlet, and the fixture is ready to use.

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