How do you hang a picture window with Swag and Jabots?


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There are several different methods for hanging a swag and jabots on a picture window. Each method depends upon the construction of the swag and jabots. These steps identify how to hang a swag and jabots with rod pockets.

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  1. Install a double curtain rod

    Double curtain rods give the picture window a layered look. Screw the double curtain rod attachments to the wall or to the window casings. The use of screws is recommended instead of nails to prevent the weight of the curtain from pulling the attachment away from the wall.

  2. Hang the left and right jabots

    Insert the curtain rod through the pocket sewn into the back of the left and right jabots. Clip the ends of the curtain rod to the inner hanging attachments. Pull back the left and right jabots to each side of the picture window. Gather the jabots to the desired fullness by arranging the material on the rod.

  3. Hang the swag

    Insert the second curtain rod through the pocket sewn into the swag. If hanging multiple swags, continue until the last one is inserted on the rod. Clip the rod to the outer hanging attachments. Center the swag and gather it to the desired fullness.

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