How Do You Hang a Picture?


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To hang a picture, hold it against the wall, mark its top center on the wall, measure between the top of the picture and its hanger, transfer that marking to the wall, nail the hook, and hang the picture. This 15-minute procedure requires a pencil, measuring tape, a hammer, a nail and a hook.

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  1. Mark the top center of the picture

    Hold the picture against the wall at eye level. Make a light pencil mark on the wall at the middle of the picture's top edge. Put the picture down.

  2. Measure the distance to the hanging hardware

    Turn the picture upside down, place a measuring tape at the top center, and measure the distance between that point and the picture's hanging hardware. This is called the offset measurement.

  3. Mark the offset measurement

    Using the measuring tape as a guide, mark the offset measurement on the wall below the first pencil line. This mark indicates where to hang the picture hook.

  4. Hang the hook

    Insert a small nail into a picture hook, and hammer it into the wall.

  5. Mount the picture

    Pick up the picture with both hands, and hang it on the hook. Step away from the wall, evaluate the picture's position, and straighten it if necessary.

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