How Do You Hang a Picture on the Wall?


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To hang a picture, measure to center the picture and then secure it with the appropriate hardware, such as a nail or screw. It is important to make sure the location on the wall and the hardware are sufficient to support the weight of the picture.

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Before you hang a picture, decide where you would like it to be. Use a measuring tape to find the center point in the wall. You can take additional measurements to ensure even spacing when multiple pictures are hung on the same wall. Measure the side and top of the frame, and find the center point. Hold the picture up to the wall, and make a mark at the center of the top using painter's tape or a pencil. Adjust the mark for any mounting hooks or wire on the frame.

Hammer a nail into the wall at the mark, and hang the picture from it. Use a level to check for straightness. To hang a picture on masonry or plaster walls, pre-drill a hole, and use a masonry screws to secure it. Use wall anchors to secure heavy pictures, and hang them from a wall stud if possible. Use a stud finder to accurately locate studs.

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