How Do You Hang Pegboard?


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To hang lightweight pegboard, attach wall hangers to the wall, put screws through the pegboard holes, spacers and hangers, then tighten the screws. For heavier pegboard, attach furring strips to the wall, and then hang the pegboard on them.

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  1. Decide the thickness of the pegboard

    Decide how sturdy the pegboard needs to be, depending on the weight of items you plan to hang there. Lightweight pegboard is easier to hang and requires less support.

  2. Purchase the pegboard cut to size

    Purchase a piece of pegboard from a store that has the size pegboard you need or cuts wood to size, because pegboard is hard to cut smoothly at home due to the holes in the surface.

  3. Measure and mark the wall

    Measure the wall in increments for the wall hangers, and screw them into the wall. Measure the increments based on how far apart the holes in the pegboard are. For heavyweight pegboard, attach furring strips securely into the wall studs. Make certain all of your wall hangers or furring strips are level.

  4. Attach the pegboard to the hangers

    For wall hangers and screws, put screws through the pegboard holes through appropriately-sized spacers, then into the hangers, and tighten. For furring strips, hang the pegboard on the strips.

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