How Do You Hang Indoor Plants?


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Hanging plants indoors requires little more than hooks, a stud finder and the potted plants themselves. Before beginning, make sure the pots are designed to be hung, as not all are capable of withstanding the strain. Plastic pots that come with their own lines and hooks are best for hanging.

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  1. Purchase ceiling hooks

    Hooks that screw directly into the ceiling rather than merely sticking to it offer potted plants more security. An adhesive hook is prone to losing its hold over time.

  2. Locate ceiling joists

    Locate your ceiling joists using a stud finder. Do not screw hooks into plaster alone, as they are likely to easily break free. Be sure the location of each joist allows the plant access to sufficient sunlight and that it is easy to reach when you need to water the plant.

  3. Test the hook

    After installing the first hook, test it with a dead weight the approximate weight of the potted plant. Once you are satisfied that the hook can hold the plant, hang the potted plant in place of the weight.

  4. Place drip pans beneath plants

    After hanging your plants, place drip pans beneath each of them. Be sure excess water that is likely to drain from each plant is not close to electrical outlets.

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