How Do You Hang a Homemade Wall Spice Rack?


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The first step to putting up a homemade spice rack is to assess how much space is going to be required on the wall where the rack will be hung. Depending on the design of the spice rack, nails, screws, brackets or magnets will be necessary.

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For a traditional wooden spice rack, mark off the dimensions of the rack on the wall making sure to note where each shelf of the rack will be located. Then make another mark one inch inward from where the intersection between the sides and the shelves of the rack will be. This will be where the brackets that support the shelves will be placed.

Install the brackets by screwing them into place using screws and a screwdriver. There should be two brackets to support each shelf. Then simply set the rack on the brackets to hang it. One can then secure the rack to the brackets using small screws.

One can use magnets to hang a spice rack as long as the appropriate spice containers are being used for such a design. Simply attach small magnets to the lids of the spice jars using hot glue. Once the glue has dried, stick the jars to any metal surface in order to "hang" the spice rack.

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