How Do You Hang a Heavy Wall Mirror?

How Do You Hang a Heavy Wall Mirror?

To hang a heavy mirror, run wire through the D-rings and screw eyes installed on the mirror frame. Then hang the wire on heavy-weight picture hangers that are screwed into the wall studs.

  1. Position the mirror

    Center the mirror on the wall where you want it, and, with a pencil, mark the mounting location and sides of the mirror.

  2. Mark the studs

    With a stud finder, locate all of the studs that are within the area of the mirror. Mark the center and the edges of each stud.

  3. Install the hanging hardware

    Mount two D-rings, one on either side of the frame, 6 inches from the top of the frame. Install two screw eyes at the bottom of the frame in the center. Cut a long piece of 18-gauge single-strand wire. Fold it in half and thread it through one of the screw eyes, up through the D-rings and back down through the other screw eye. To secure the wire, fold the ends up, and wrap each end with a scrap piece of wire. Crimp the binding with a pair of pliers. Wrap each junction of the wire with a bit of wire, and crimp it.

  4. Hang the mirror

    Lift the mirror onto the wall and into position. Mark the top of the frame, and set it back down. Mark each stud 5 to 6 inches from the top of the frame. At the center of each stud, install a picture hanger. Make sure the hangers are capable of supporting the weight of your mirror. To hang the mirror, hook the wire onto the hangers.