How Do You Hang a Hampton Bay Flex Track Light?

How Do You Hang a Hampton Bay Flex Track Light?

To hang a Hampton Bay Flex track light fixture, remove the current track light fixture, and replace it with the Hampton Bay Flex fixture. If there is no existing fixture, you need a power drill and drill bit to drill mounting holes.

  1. Prepare the mounting area

    Cut the power to the room before you begin. Use a screwdriver or power drill to remove the light fixture that is currently installed on the mounting area. If there is no current fixture, or if the new fixture's mounting holes do not match up with the old mounting holes, position the new fixture in the exact place to which you would like to mount. Use a pencil to mark each mounting hole, and use the power drill to drill each hole.

  2. Install the new fixture

    Use the power drill to mount the new track. Wire the new track by connecting each wire to its corresponding color, and cover the wires with wire nuts. Slide or snap each fixture to your desired location in increments. Ensure that each one is secure.

  3. Test the track

    Remove the bulbs from the old track, and install them into each new fixture. Restore power to the area, and turn on the light to test the new track.