How Do You Hang a Hammock?

How Do You Hang a Hammock?

To hang a hammock, find a tree trunk distance of 13 to 16 feet, wrap tree straps around the tree and connect the rings of the tree strap and hammock with S-rings. A two-poled mounting stand is necessary if the hammock cannot be tied to both trees.

  1. Look for a suitable space

    Find low tree trunks that are in close proximity to make a hammock span of 13 to 16 feet. If there is no such tree space, use the mounting stand.

  2. Apply the straps

    Wrap the tree strap around the tree by inserting the end of the ring into the loop. Line up the ring strap with the ring at the end of the hammock.

  3. Connect the rings

    Connect both rings with the S-hooks. Adjust the straps accordingly for a taut or loose hammock.