How Do You Hang Drywall on a Slanted Ceiling?


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Hanging drywall on a sloped ceiling can be done using a drywall lift. A drywall lift is a piece of equipment that can be loaded with a large piece of drywall, moved into the desired place beneath the ceiling and then cranked up in order to place the drywall in the desired location.

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Because the arms that hold the drywall are hinged to the main body of the lift, the piece of drywall that is being placed can be maneuvered to accommodate a sloped ceiling. Using the crank located on the main body of the lift, the slope of the arms carrying the dry wall can be changed to match the slope of the ceiling. Once the piece of drywall has been lifted and placed flush against the support beams, or studs, of the ceiling, the lift can be locked into place while the drywall is being nailed into position. It is important to note that when placing the drywall onto the arms of the lift, care should be taken to have the face of the drywall pointing down when put against the ceiling. When securing the piece of drywall to the ceiling, it is suggested that at least eight screws be used before removing the lift from beneath the drywall. Drywall lifts can be rented from a local hardware store.

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