How Do You Hang Drywall?


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To hang drywall, measure and cut the drywall sheet to fit, so that the vertical edges end in the center of a stud. Screw the drywall into position against the studs, 3/4 inches above the floor. Use one drywall screw every 8 to 10 inches along each stud

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  1. Measure and cut the sheet

    Measure from one corner of the wall to the center of the stud that is closest to 96 inches from the corner. Mark a drywall sheet along both long edges at that dimension. Draw a line between the two marks, and cut along it with a utility knife to cut the piece to size.

  2. Fit the sheet in place

    Place a piece of 3/4 inch thick lumber, such as a 1-by-4, along the bottom edge of the wall for a spacer. Position the cut sheet with one long edge on top of the spacer so that one narrow end is against the wall at the corner you measured from.

  3. Mark the drywall for screws

    Mark the center position of each stud along the top edge of the sheet. Use a drywall square to draw a line down from each mark across the sheet to indicate the center of each stud. Make a mark every 8 to 10 inches along each line to indicate positions for the screws.

  4. Install the screws

    Drive one drywall screw through the sheet at every position that you marked using a cordless drill driver. Stop when the screw is just slightly inset from the face of the drywall to prevent breaking the paper.

  5. Install the remaining drywall

    Mark and cut sheets to fit end to end with the first sheet and install them in the same pattern along the whole length of the wall. Stack sheets on top of this first row horizontally, fitted end to end in the same way to cover the entire wall. Stagger the ends of the sheets on the upper rows to make the wall stronger.

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