How Do You Hang Curtains on Four-Poster Beds?


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To hang curtains on a four-poster bed with crossbars, attach two curtains to each side crossbar and two curtains to the bottom crossbar. Satin waterfall valances work well for this. Tie each panel to the nearest post with a decorative cord or satin ribbon, or allow the panels to fall naturally. Some four-poster beds come with an attached railing that can be used to hang curtains or valances.

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A sheer canopy panel can be used to achieve the same appearance. To install the canopy, drape it over the four post finials on the bed frame. Use a large ribbon or decorative cord to tie each corner of the canopy to the nearest bed post.

Another way to attach sheer canopy panels is to drape them. Drape one panel over the crossbar at the top of the bed. Make sure the fabric dips slightly in the middle. There should be an equal amount of fabric hanging down on both sides of the bed. Drape a second panel over the crossbar at the bottom of the bed using the same technique. Gather each side of the panel at mattress height and tie it off with a ribbon or decorative cord.

Complete the look with complementary throw blankets and accent pillows.

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