How Do I Hang Curtains in a Bay Window?

How Do I Hang Curtains in a Bay Window?

To hang curtains in a bay window, mark the height of the curtain bracket above the windows, install a separate rod above each of the windows, and then hang the curtains. If the bay window is curved or you want a streamlined look, have a curtain rod custom made.

  1. Mark the location of the curtain rods

    Above the windows, measure and mark the height of the curtain rod brackets. With a level, draw a straight line along the wall above the windows.

  2. Drill the bracket holes

    Position the brackets on the wall the at the corners of the windows, and mark the holes. Set the brackets down, and then drill the holes.

  3. Install the brackets

    Gently hammer plastic drywall screws into the holes. Position the bracket, and secure it with screws.

  4. Prepare the curtain rod

    Turn the ends of the curtain rod until it telescopes and reaches the desired length. If necessary, cut the curtain rod to the specific size needed.

  5. Install the curtain rod

    Place one end of the curtain rod into the bracket. Slide the curtain rings onto the rod, and then place the other rod onto the bracket. To secure the rod, attach the finials onto the ends.

  6. Hang the curtains

    Once the curtain rod is secure, attach the curtain to the rings.