How Do I Hang Curtain Rods From the Ceiling?

How Do I Hang Curtain Rods From the Ceiling?

To hang curtain rods from the ceiling, drill pilot holes in the ceiling for the rod brackets, attach the brackets onto the ceiling with screws, fix the rod into the bracket, and install the tension pulley on the wall. Repeat the process for multiple curtain rods.

  1. Install the rod brackets, and reduce the slides

    Make marks on the ceiling for the curtain rod brackets, and drill a 1/16-inch hole on each spot you have marked with a drill, and screw the brackets onto the ceiling. Subtract four from the number of pleats on each drape's side, open up the traverse rod, use the calculated figure to eliminate the excess slides from the rod, and then lock up the rod.

  2. Insert the curtain rod into the brackets

    Fix the curtain rod into the brackets, and secure the rods onto the brackets with screws, clips or locking cams, whichever is appropriate. Test the traverse rod by opening and closing it, and move excess cording to one side of the rod.

  3. Install the tension pulley

    Mark the location of the tension pulley on the wall, drill the pulley bracket holes, and screw the bracket onto the wall, install the tension pulley, and repeat the entire process to hang any remaining rods.