How Do You Hang Curtain Rods?


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When installing a curtain rod, place the end of the brackets on each side of the window opening so you can fully draw back the curtains. Larger windows often require additional support above the middle of the window.

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How Do You Hang Curtain Rods?
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The first step in installing a curtain rod is marking the area above the window recess for the suitable height of the rod, explains DIY Network. Hang the rod near the ceiling line to make your room look taller. Next, draw a level guide line above the recess using the height mark. Draw a mark on the horizontal line above the recess' corner, and mark the location of the brackets.

Place the end support of the brackets on the mark, and mark off attachment holes. Screw in the brackets for both end supports, and plug attachment holes if needed. Cut the rod to a suitable length, ensuring that it extends a few inches on each side of the end support brackets for the end rings and finials. Thread the rod through one end support afterward. Insert rings on the rod before threading the other end of the rod. Add one ring to the outer part of each end support. Finally, attach finials to both ends of the rod, and then secure the rod to the bracket with screws through the supports and into the rod. Pilot-drill the holes first if necessary.

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