How Do You Hang a Clothesline?

hang-clothesline Credit: Paul Burley Photography/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Hanging a clothesline is a process that can be completed in a few minutes if the proper materials are available. In order to hang a clothesline, you will need a long cord, a turnbuckle, two screw hooks and access to two sturdy objects that you can attach the line to (like trees or the side of a house).

  1. Install and thread the first screw hook

    Insert the first screw hook into the first of your sturdy objects. Take your cord and wrap it through the screw hook so that it is sturdy and cannot be tugged out easily. It is often best to do this by wrapping the cord around itself immediately after the end of the screw hook.

  2. Insert the second screw hook with turnbuckle

    Insert the second screw hook into the second object. Instead of threading it immediately, attach the turnbuckle to the end of the hook. This will help you create an adjustable level of tautness for your clothesline.

  3. Connect the cord to the turnbuckle

    Take the loose end of cord from the first screw hook and attach it to the hook at the end of the turnbuckle. Wrap it around itself like you did for the first screw hook so that it is sturdy. Adjust the turnbuckle until the clothesline is taut.