How Do You Hang a Chandelier?

Hang a chandelier by first removing the original light fixture and electrical box, then make your fan brace, set up a new electrical box, and set the chandelier. Wire your chandelier, and secure it to the ceiling.

  1. Remove the old equipment

    Before replacing anything, make sure that you have turned off that rooms electricity via the circuit breaker. Take down the old light fixture by unscrewing the canopy and removing the connectors. Next, unscrew the electrical box from its metal hanger. If there are no screws, the box is likely nailed in and a flat bar may be required. Pull the cable free of the box. If it is a metal box, the cable should slide out once the screws are loosened.

  2. Install the new equipment

    Place a fan brace through the hole and make sure both feet are flat against the surface. You may need to set the brace to its shortest length. Next, rotate the brace until its prongs are set into the joists and tighten. Now, set up a new electrical box by feeding the cable through the cable connector in the ceiling. Secure the box.

  3. Connect the chandelier

    Attach all the wires appropriately and screw the mounting bar to the box. Finally, secure the chandeliers canopy, and install the any light bulbs.