How Do You Hang a Ceiling Fan?

How Do You Hang a Ceiling Fan?

To hang a ceiling fan, remove the old fixture, replace the electrical box, attach the ceiling medallion, and connect the wires from the fan to the electrical box. Once the fan is installed, add the blades and lighting elements.

  1. Remove the old light fixture

    Turn off the electricity to the light, and undo the screws holding the light fixture in place.

  2. Remove the old electrical box

    Pull the old electrical box from the ceiling. If it is secured to a joist, pry it off with a flat bar.

  3. Replace the electrical box

    Next to the existing hole, trace around a 1/2-inch pancake box, which is a type of electrical box, and cut out the circle. Set the pancake box into the hole, and secure it to the joists with screws. Wrap the bare copper wire around the grounding screw inside the electrical box, and leave the end hanging down.

  4. Affix the ceiling medallion

    Apply a bead of urethane glue to the back of the medallion, and secure it to the ceiling with finishing nails.

  5. Attach the ceiling plate

    Secure the ceiling plate to the pancake box with machine screws.

  6. Connect the fan

    Assemble the fan according to the manufacturer's instructions. Place one side of the fan's canopy on the ceiling plate. With twist-on wire connectors, connect the two green wires with the bare copper wire, then connect the white wires, followed by the black wires. Lift the other side of the canopy onto the ceiling plate, and secure it with the canopy screws.

  7. Add the blades and lights

    Screw the blade irons onto the blades, and then attach the blades to the fan with screws. Plug in the light-fixture housing, then attach the shades.