How Do You Hang Cedar Shakes?

How Do You Hang Cedar Shakes?

Install cedar shakes in a staggered pattern. Hanging requires building paper, a staple gun and staples, a utility knife, nails, a shingle hatchet or hammer, a measuring tape and a scaffold. Installation time varies depending upon the size of the area. Once the paper is up, nailing the cedar shakes into the chosen pattern manually may require the use of a scaffold, which will take additional time./

  1. Apply the building paper

    Staple the building paper on the wall, running the paper horizontally. Overlap each row by at least 3 inches. Extend the wrap around the corner of the wall by 12 inches. Cut the paper around windows and doors.

  2. Nail the first cedar shake

    Line up the side and bottom of a cedar shake with the bottom corner of the wall. Nail the shake to the wall 6 inches down from the upper edge and 1 inch from the outer edge.

  3. Complete the first row

    Continue to hang cedar shakes beside the first one. Cut a shake to the appropriate size when you reach the end of the row or a window or door by scoring a line from the top to bottom of the shake using the edge of another shake as a guide, then snapping it along the score line.

  4. Install the second row of cedar shakes

    Install the second row of shakes, staggering the second row above the seams of the first row. This prevents penetration of water. Overlap the shakes to cover the nails of the first row, up to a maximum of 6 inches.

  5. Finish installing the shakes

    Use a scaffold to continue installing rows until the job is complete. Measure the length of shake needed for the top row and cut it to size, discarding the unused portion.