How Do You Hang Cabinets?

How Do You Hang Cabinets?

To hang cabinets, mark reference lines, find the high-point, locate the studs, install the cleats, and hang the cabinets using shims and studs. The project takes 30 minutes for each cabinet installed.

  1. Mark the cabinet lines

    Draw a reference line 48 inches from the floor, and measure in several places down from the line. Pinpoint the shortest line measurement, which is the high-point of the floor.

  2. Mark the high-point

    Mark the height of the base cabinets 34 inches from the floor. Add a layout line across the walls using the high-point mark. Measure 17 or 18 inches from the base of the layout line. Draw a chalk line for the bottom part of the upper cabinets. Locate the studs on layout lines.

  3. Install the cabinets

    Remove any drawers to make the cabinets lighter. Establish a 1-by-3 cleat below the layout line of the upper cabinets, and apply 2-inch drywall screws to every other stud. Add more cleats across the line. Line up the face of the upper cabinet with the other cabinets, and clamp the two together. Drill holes in the top, bottom and face frame edge, and apply 2-inch screws to hold the cabinets together. Lift the cabinets on the cleat, and screw it on using the studs with washers and 2 1/2-inch deck screws. Add the cabinets and drawers.