How Do You Hang Cabinet Doors?


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Hanging cabinet doors involves installing hinges on the doors, positioning the doors over the cabinet and securing the doors on the cabinet with hinge screws. Be sure to complete hanging one door before proceeding to another. You need hinges and hinge screws, a measuring tape, a carpenter's pencil, a screwdriver and a support block to complete this process.

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To install the hinges, first stretch the tape from the door's top corner and use the pencil to make a mark at the 2-inch distance. Repeat the process for the bottom of the door. Place a hinge at one of the marks, secure the hinge onto the door with the screws, and repeat the process for the remaining mark before repeating the entire hinge placement process for the remaining doors.

To position the door, hold it against the door opening, even out the overlap at the door's bottom, top and sides, and support the door's bottom with the block to avoid tampering with the set overlap. Using the screwdriver, attach the door's hinges onto the cabinet with the screws, dislodge the support block from the door's bottom, and test the door. If the door does not operate properly, examine the door for any installation defects, and fix them as needed. Repeating the process for the remaining doors completes the process.

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